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Due Diligence Specialists in Global Fisheries & Seafood Processing

AquaCapita is the seafood industry due diligence operations experts in Pre/Post Merger Acquisition and Investments for the seafood industry.

AquaCapita expertise

AquaCapita expertise have assisted numerous investors, banks and venture capital funds to select viable and profitable businesses and arrive at accurate valuations. Indeed it is our knowledge of the seafood industry, coupled with our commercial & operational seafood business based background and approach, which makes us the ideal partner for the completion of due diligence based work within the sector.

Sustainability is central to the business success of companies that produce, process, or retail seafood because of the significant risks inherent in the supply chain. Companies engaged in the seafood sector have to manage risk factors, such as:

Risk of supply chain disruption – Wild fisheries can be overexploited, causing a dramatic fall in annual harvests, while fish farms can be ravaged by disease.

Risk to reputation – Companies with public-facing brands face a risk to their reputations if they do not act to source from responsibly managed fisheries and fish farms.

Risks associated with production factors – Wild fisheries & Fish farming may involve the use of materials or techniques that can lead to wider systemic problems.

Risk associated with quotas & certifications– ICES global quotas.